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WinHeat can be used to rate almost all configurations of Fired Heaters and coil layouts

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Fired Heater Software Package

Winheat : Fired Heater Thermal Rating and Analysis

Direct Fired Heaters are a critical component of many refining and petrochemical processes. They must be must be configured correctly to ensure efficiency and optimum plant performance.

WinHeat4.5, the latest version of the WinHeat suite of software, rates and designs direct-fired heaters, giving more control to the engineer or designer. It also rates convections, unfired and supplementary fired recovery units, HRSG's, and other similar equipment with process on tube side.

GridData : Pressure Loss & Flow Regime

Analyses fired heaters on a tube by tube basis, calculating pressure drop, flow regime, vaporisation, etc.

WinBurn : Combustion & Gas Properties

Provides products of combustion, physical properties, heater thermal efficiency, heat balances, supplementary firing.

WinFlow : Ducting, Piping & Stack Analysis

Provides point by point flow analysis for duct systems such as air preheat and HRSG systems, piping flow analysis, and heater stack draft calculations.

WinLoss : Insulation Heat Loss Analysis

Calculates heat loss and temperature analysis for up to ten layers of insulation. User may add materials to data file with as few as three data points.

WinWall : Wall Thickness Calculation

Calculates required wall thickness for heater tubes based on API RP530 or ASME Section I. Stress curves or tables are built in for most common pipe materials.

WinProp : Properties Grid Generation, Pressure Loss & Flow Regime

Analyses fired heaters on a tube by tube basis, calculating pressure drop, flow regime, vaporisation, etc.Provides all the functionality of GridData, plus providing the ability to generate a properties grid from either the composition of the fluid or a boiling curve.

Steam Generation Equipment Software

WinBoil : Heat Recovery Steam Generator Rating

Will rate units with up to three pressure levels having up to fifteen coils and thirty streams. The systems can have integral deaerator systems and spray desuperheaters. The unit can have process coils mixed in with the superheaters, evaporators, and economizers. Coils can be in series or parallel. Units can be supplementary fired with burner placement anywhere in unit. CO combustion can be calculated in combustion chambers of CO Boilers.

Steamer : Once Through Steam Generator Rating

This program is for rating Once Through Steam Generators as used in the oil fields. Units can be supplementary fired and is setup specifically for the horizontal tube recovering heat from gas turbine exhaust, but may be used for other applications.

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