WinLoss Heat Loss And Insulation System Analysis 

The thermal design of the heater insulation can be accomplished internally in the thermal rating programs or independently in a standalone program. Up to ten different layers can be evaluated in a single calculation. This program allows the user to input new insulation materials and data sets, i.e., temperatures and thermal conductivity for the new material. The program will perform a least-squares curve fit and store the coefficients for the curve with the new material data in the permanent random data file. This data then becomes available to this program as well as the thermal rating program and cost program.

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Program Features

  • User may add unlimited number of insulation materials to data file 

  • As few as three data points are needed to add a material

  • Program has built in Least Squares Curve Fitting routines

  • Data input with WinLoss available to WinHeat and WinCost

  • Calculates interface temperatures, etc., for up to ten layers of insulation

  • Data inputs may be saved in data file for future reference and/or revision

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