About Us

Software created by Engineers for Engineers

We are a team of Engineers who are passionate about Refining Industry equipment and its design techniques. We are combining decades of on-hand experience coupled with the latest software technologies to create applications that help make your daily work easier.

WinHeat is owned by Esteem Projects Pvt. Ltd., a leading Fired Heater Contractor.

Our customer support team takes pride in providing excellent support and technical backup to ensure our customers can rely upon WinHeat Package for their mission-critical projects.

Jack E. Hardie

An engineer par excellence!
WinHeat suite of software was originally written by Jack Hardie of Conroe, Texas.

Jack was a mechanical engineer and he designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of waste heat boilers, heat recovery steam generators, and direct fired heaters throughout the world for over 45 years for some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Jack was a lifetime member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and was well-known and respected throughout the industry.

Jack believed in sharing of knowledge and had created two free websites teaching thermal design of Fired Heaters and HRSGs and also provided numerous calculators and scripts for free usage online.

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We miss you jack!