WinBurn - Combustion & Gas Properties

Combustion And Gas Properties Combustion calculations are performed automatically within the rating programs, but a standalone program is provided to allow other types of analysis. For field testing, Stack Oxygen and fuel properties can be input to provide firing excess air and flue gas compositions. All thermal properties of any flue gas can be calculated by the stand-alone program as well as supplementary firing to assist in heat balances, etc. Fired heater efficiency can quickly be determined by inputting known field data.


Types Of Analysis Available

  • Combustion calculations for gas and liquid fuels
  • Stack oxygen analysis with wet or dry inputs
  • Fired heater thermal efficiency calculations
  • Supplementary firing calculations

Some of the features available

  • Heat balance enthalpys or specific heat values
  • Physical properties of gas or products of combustion
  • Program calculates LHV for gaseous fuel compositions
  • Air Or Gas, used for combustion, composition may be input
  • For liquid fuels, heat capacity and atomization is taken into account
  • Program accounts for humidity and elevation at temperature
  • English, Metric and SI Metric Units supported