WinWall Tube Wall Thickness Calculation

Tube wall calculations to check required thickness for various materials at different temperatures and pressures can be accomplished in the thermal rating program or in a standalone program for the API RP530 recommended practice. This stand alone program will check the tube wall using the ASME Section I or the API RP530 method. Only the API RP530 method is available to the WinHeat thermal rating program and only the ASME Section I is available in the WinBoil program.

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Program Features

  • Calculates required wall thickness per API RP530

  • Static range and rupture range(where applicable)

  • Calculates required wall thickness and mawp per ASME section I

  • Per 27.2.1(where applicable) and 27.2.2

  • Allows input/output in English, Metric, or SI Metric units

  • Material data for most common materials in pipe and tube specifications

    • Carbon steel

    • 1Cr-½Mol

    • 2Cr-1Mol

    • 5Cr-½Mol

    • 9Cr-1Mol

    • 18Cr-8Ni

    • 16Cr-12nI-2Mol

    • 18Cr-10Ni-Ti

    • 25Cr-20Ni